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Paula Hernández
Matchmaker for Costa Rica Women Dating and Travel Agency

No one wants to be scammed, tricked and bamboozled, right? No one especially wants to make the mistake of ending up with a woman who, from the get-go, isn’t… “dating material.” Let’s just say that we want to spot the dating red flags right away when we meet Costa Rican women.

How do we do that, you ask? Well, you won’t know the signs if you don’t know what to look for. Luckily, we have compiled a list of what you should be watching out for that’ll give you an idea on where you want to stand with the lady.

So, you’ve been dating a Latina for a while and are contemplating the big question:

“Is she the one?”.

You’ve met each other’s relatives, spoken the dreaded “L” word, and she’s taken at least three of your hoodies.

You’ve arrived at the stage where you’re asking yourself -

How do I know she’s the one?” and “Should I marry her?”.

We all have to face this stage at some point in our lives. The part where we are starting to feel content being with our romantic partner, deciding if we wanted to marry this wonderful woman or not. It’s a…

“Pura vida” — the unofficial slogan that many Costa Ricans use.

It means “pure life,” and it’s a perfect encapsulation of the chilled out, laid-back lifestyle of the locals. But their easygoing nature doesn’t mean they don’t know how to party when the sun goes down. In fact, Costa Rica nightlife is known to be one of the most vibrant and exciting ones in the world.

You can get an idea when you read up on these Costa Rica nightlife reviews:

Jacó Blu Beach Club

This world class beachfront bar boasts lovely ocean views in front of an open-air layout…

“The thing I absolutely love about food is it’s a common thread that connects us no matter what culture we come from.” — Poh Ling Yeow

The attitudes, values, and behaviors that accompany the making and consumption of food are referred to as food culture. Food culture reflects our cultural heritage, as well as serving as a bridge to those outside of our immediate society.

If you want to completely immerse yourself in a different culture, diving in its culinary tradition is a great way to start!

Costa Rican Culinary Influences

Costa Rican Culinary heritage is a vibrant blend of indigenous culture and Spanish…

What do you do with shattered glass?

If your CD player no longer works, do you still use it?

You throw away broken items all the time. You simply can’t use them anymore. Similar to relationships, you don’t push something that’s broken too. If you do, you’ll end up broken as well.

Your life changes when dating Latina women. You need to be a better man for her. It teaches you to embrace a culture that’s entirely different from yours. Above all, it lets you experience love like no other.

Courting someone can be challenging. You not only have to…

Love and affection — these are two of the many things Costa Rican women look for in a relationship. Show these emotions to your beautiful Tica through these romantic and sincere gestures.

Make Costa Rican women fall in love with you over and over again.

Being branded as some of the most beautiful women not just in Latin America, but also in most parts of the world, foreign men go all out to meet Costa Rican women. Aside from their mesmerizing beauty, them being natural nurturers, polite, and quick-witted only makes them more attractive and appealing. …

Come to Costa Rica and make unforgettable memories.

As you may have already known through reading the articles: History of Costa Rica and Culture in Costa Rica, this Latin American country has a lot to boast about! From having 5% of the world’s diversity to being the happiest country on earth, what else is there to love? Read on and discover the best of Costa Rica today!



Get yourself a boat ride to enjoy most of what Tortuguero has to offer! There are beaches, lagoons and green turtles — the main attraction of the Costa Rican park with exceptional biodiversity due to the high rainfall. It is…

Retiring in Costa Rica is fast becoming an option for many Westerners.

Have you ever googled the best countries to retire in? If you were to do so, you’d notice Costa Rica comes up in almost every top 10 list of places to be. This begs the question: What are you doing searching for retirement locations in the first place?

The prospect of retiring in an exotic paradise is appealing to many Western men. Often during the lulls of a normal work day, through the dredges of monotonous city life, come fleeting daydreams of retirement in tropical nirvana.

The images are starting to take shape. You are firmly rested on a beach…

Find out how you can make your Costa Rica dating experience a worthwhile one.

There are a number of dating rules that men tend to overlook or outright ignore. Other times, a guy just isn’t aware of the rules that he’s supposed to follow in order to make the most of his Costa Rica dating experience.

In fact, a lot of guys don’t know that there are rules to be followed simply because they do not know about these rules in the first place.

Now, most guys will probably know that they should be the ones to pick up the check. It is, after all, something that is expected of them when they start…

Find love with younger women by standing out.

There are a lot of guys out there who want to be with Latina women. Sometimes, these men would prefer it if those women who are Latina are also a little (or a lot younger) than they are. But a lot of men want to impress women, and therein lies the problem.

The thing about gorgeous young women is that they are likely not strangers to male attention. They have probably been subject to the attention of men who think that they are desirable and probably want to be with them. …

Paula Hernández

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